Act As If, EMFrz!

By Chris Garrigues  5/24/17

What’s this? EMFs are killing us? Giving us cancer? Taxing our immune systems? Robbing us of sleep? Stealing our energy? Unclarifying our mental clarity? Bullshit! I guess next you’re going to tell us that they are poisoning our air and water too? Give me f——————g break! Man, you conspiracy freaks…

OK, cool. That’s a good place to start. And no, we won’t be discussing fluoride or chemtrails. (just yet)


I love how we use that word to discredit inconvenient ideas and or people. Guess what, conspiracies are everywhere. When You break it down, all a conspiracy really is, is two or more people working together toward a common goal. All different kinds of levels from benevolent to psychopathic and all kinds of places in between.

For example, right now, somewhere out there, Jimmy Carter and his evil crew are conspiring to put homeless people in, you know, homes. OH! MY! GOD!!! Not only that, but elsewhere out there, probably in the Vatican, that sneaky Pope guy, with or without his crew, not sure, is plotting to get people to, you know, be good to each other. We really gotta stop these monsters!

They don’t necessarily have to be “out to get you”. They might just be conspiring to make something, like money. You know, like tobacco once did. And Coca-Cola. And McDonalds. The why doesn’t matter nearly as much as the what. What we do about the what is what makes the difference. And in this case, the what just might be detrimental to your well-being. And mine. And people that we love. And people that we don’t. And trees, kittens, bees, possums… you get the picture.

And so if the what is hurting us, wouldn’t we want to know? Or would we rather wait around and see? That keeps working out for us… At the very least, wouldn’t it be nice to due a little diligence and be able to shut guys like me up and move on? Hey wait, where you going? I’m not done yet…

OK, a few of you stuck around. I sense curiosity. Good. Here’s what I’m proposing;

ACT AS IF and measure your results. Then act accordingly.

In general, acting as if to test beliefs and disbeliefs is a good strategy. Does your ego need to be “right” or would you rather know “the truth”? By the way, here are couple of books that go deeper into this idea;

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success: Carol S. Dweck


Liminal Thinking: Create the Change You Want: Dave Gray

So what are you waiting for? Wouldn’t have to be difficult. Doesn’t have to cost anything.

There might even be something in for you and your loved ones like, I don’t know;

  • Better sleep.
  • More energy.
  • Less brain fog, more clarity and focus.
  • Reduced risk of cancer, autoimmune diseases and various other maladies.
  • Not being the guy (pretend like we’re in New York. I mean chicks too) who just wouldn’t listen.

A good first tactic might be to focus on your sleeping area. Here’s a list of…


1. Put your mobile phone somewhere besides right next to your head when you sleep.

Think about it. Its a receiver and a transmitter. If EMFs are a thing, that’s certainly a good place to find them. One belief about EMFs is that they are disrupting our sleep patterns. Even if that was all they did that’d be huge as far as negative health and mental concerns go. Put in airplane mode. Come on, you can do it. It’s just for a week or two. Till you prove me wrong and go back to that thing I’m trying to help you not do.

OK, now go put it on the dresser, across the room. At least eight feet from your head. Better yet, put it in the kitchen. It’ll be fine. I promise.

Remember that time the doctor made you cut back on salt? And you did? And at first it really sucked? And then you got used to it and started tasting food again? And eventually got to where you couldn’t believe how salty your food once was and why would anyone want to do such a thing? Because why?

Well, it’s gonna be a lot like that. OK, now…

2. Ummm, where’s your wifi router?

Not right next to your or a loved one’s head, I hope. It really needs to be as far away as possible. Better yet, why’s it even on at night? I know there are things that need to be always connected but if and when you see the light, you can always run ethernet cables. Then you can disable the wifi part and leave stuff on all night. Not that hard and getting easier.

3. Oh yeah, back to phones. This time it’s your land line.

OK, DECT phones. You know the cordless ones that connect to the internet or even to the actual phone company, whatever that is. So, kinda same drill as with mobile phones.

Used to be that they only broadcasted and transmitted when we were on the line but of course they’ve fixed all that. Now, they’re on constantly and the signal coming and going is much stronger than it used to be. And… there’s one on our nightstand. Right next to our mobile phone. Oh well, at least we’re consistent!

4. That lamp on our nightstand.

Usually it switches on and off near the bulb. Which means the wire next to your head is still hot (electric hot) and generating magnetic radiation. For now, just unplug it when you go to sleep.

BTW, My beautiful wife rolled her eyes pretty good at this one. Whatareyagonnado? Kind of a pain, I know but hey, we’re experimenting. Isn’t this fun?

Besides, later, when you’ve come over to “our side” you can spring for a few of these;

General Electric 6 Pack Grounded Power Switch

and things will be easier for you and Amazon will say, “Thanks, EMFrz!” And Seth and I will get paid a tiny bit and all will be right with the world. But that’s later so for now, everything’s still free, ok? OK!

5. Yay! A list within a list!

a) Electric blanket – don’t!

b) TV in the room – don’t! If you do, unplug it. At least until you know we’re right. Then –     don’t!

c) Unplug everything that can be.

d) Make the room as dark as possible. Not a direct EMF thing but the goal is to get your     body to produce melatonin which is all kinds of good for you and the production of     which is greatly reduced by EMFs.

e) While you’re at it. Don’t expose yourself to any bright or blue light for at least an hour     before bedtime, if not more. Why, you ask? Melatonin again!

So, this is certainly not everything you can do. Truth is, we’ll never be completely rid of EMFs. Eliminating EMFs is not the idea. The idea is to live better with them. Especially the ones we humans are making.

ACT AS IF! Try any or all of these see if anything is different. Please report back either way. We learn as much from our skeptics as we do our believers. And when you find yourself believing come on back! We have so much more to talk about!


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